LETTER | Pro-ST3 commenters need to tell the whole story


Some recent pro-Sound Transit commenters on Kirkland Views are out of touch with reality! Did you know that BNSF quit using the tracks because the route was not profitable? Have commenters done any homework on this? Where would people park if they were to use rail on the trail? Have they looked at the low ridership versus the cost? 

Did you know Sound Transit is changing Route 255 so that we have to transfer to Rail at University Station instead of going straight to the downtown tunnel in 25 minutes? Sound Transit is forcing people off buses onto rail. They need to tell the whole story in your comments.

In the entire state of Washington there are at least 17 rail-to-trail sites. At none of these have rail or BRT been implemented or even discussed.  Can you imagine the riots in Seattle if putting rail on the Burke-Gilman was planned?!

Santos Contreras