Police Blue Light Bulb Movement Nationwide; K27forever.com

This letter proposes a way for people to show a sign of support for our police officers, the vast majority of whom are being vilified for actions they did not take. It is in times like these that we need to support those who put their lives on the line for us everyday. - Ed

My story: Years ago I was hit head on by a drunk driver and the officers talked to me and kept me calm while they helped  paramedics –firefighters untangle my body from the wreckage and for the next month kept me updated about the driver (3rd DUI, no insurance, and on the run).  I am incredibly grateful for the care shown by the officers, and want to show them that we care too!                             

Driving from Idaho to California recently, I was saddened by all the news involving the harming of police officers. We could put blue light bulbs on porches or anywhere else around our homes or business to show our support for the men and women in blue that give their lives to protect us. My hope is that officers driving by homes and businesses notice the  blue lights and that it will touch their hearts, and show them firsthand there is support for them. I’ve started sending emails to the Media nationwide.  I am hoping everyone that has read my email will help get this message out and that each community will help get the blue light bulb message out however they can.

 Mayor Widmyer of CDA, Idaho received my e-mail and has reached out to help me share the blue light campaign, and also is working on his own project to recognize our law enforcement officers:  Mayor Widmyer of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, is heading fundraising efforts for construction of a law enforcement memorial in McEuen Park. The memorial is a “Thin Blue Line” waterscape that would also include three waterfalls “Respect,” “Honor,” and “Remember.”  Donations for  the memorial river can be made at K27forever.com.  Contact  Mayor  Steve  Widmyer at 208.661.4069.   So together we hope you will reach out and help us.  I called Lowes they said they would have plenty of blue light bulbs on hand and hopefully any place that sells bulbs would have this color. I’m hoping soon we can flip a switch and America will be shining blue!

 I’m going to keep emailing anybody that will listen I know this has been done in different area's but I would like the whole nation to come together and light up blue. All it would take is one of you to put a blue bulb in, maybe the rest would follow.

This is the light at my house with my dog and a sign supporting the K-9 officers.  I also hope the White House will follow us and light up with blue lights.

 Thank you,

Kelly Gunderson