LETTER | Is Kirkland’s political ship sinking?



Why are so many department heads leaving?  It’s probably is because of the Manager or the Mayor?  They cannot avoid what’s happening on their shift.


I’m sure the Mayor or the Manager doesn’t want to be identified as the cause but the real reasons cannot be found from those who left. 


We’ll probably never know the real reason why they left.  Take for example one of the department heads who retired saying he said he wanted to spend more time with his family; however he came out of retirement taking a job in Southern California within 6 weeks of leaving Kirkland.  That's rare.  For that to happen, his resume had to be submitted waiting to be acted on.  To prevent misgivings, he gave retirement as an excuse for leaving.  It was short-lived.


New attorneys have come and gone as fast as the revolving door would allow.  Robin was a good attorney for the cases she handled.  Why did she leave?   


The Council should restore the high moral that once existing under Terry Elis.  It was great and his cost was 50 percent less than our current Manager who promotes greater growth, more and longer traffic jams, and funding regional agencies rather than using the money to benefit Kirkland.   Kirkland has become the deep pocket for many non-Kirkland projects.


 We welcome our new Fire Chief, Parks Director, Police Chief, new Attorney: Who’s next?


It’s documented that employees don’t usually leave their job if they like their bosses and they usually don’t leave because the money is better. 


Something is going on down at City Hall.  What is it?  Our citizens have a right to know the real reasons they’re leaving.


Robert L. Style