LETTER | Summerfest: Art, Music, Family?


I may be naive, but why is the Summerfest entertainment stage fenced off for adults only when a beer garden could easily be created off to the side as it was yesterday?  Is it simply economics that we have to prioritize a "no-family / no kids" area in order to put on these events?


If one attended the music presentation on Thursday night, you would have seen family after family after family with little kids dancing in front of the stage and the beer garden was narrowed down to the south of the area and in the cabana!  Today virtually the entire hill around the stage is fenced off.....you would have to sit quite a ways back from the fence to see the stage rather than the fence.  


I am sure there is less than half the family area today (Friday) than there was yesterday.  It is great seeing kids enjoying these shows, why are they now fenced off?


The sign on Lake Street say "Summerfest; Art, Music, Family" ..... I understand the priority of Oktoberfest, alcohol sales, I do not understand that priority for Summerfest.    


Rob Brown