LETTER | Who says preservation doesn't work in Kirkland?

The following letter addresses the moving of the Trueblood house, built in the 1880's, from its original plot in Norkirk.

Hi All,

Just wanted to give you an update on Trueblood; it has been a rollercoaster of a year in regards to saving this house, but where there is a will there is a way.

The Trueblood house is now owned by Nickel Bros. Moving Company.

It will be moved from its present to location on August 17 or 18th, during the day, to the Baptist church corner parking lot on 1st Street. It will be held there, “in storage”, until one of the four potential buyers completes their contingencies or in the event a new buyer steps up.

I will keep you informed of the August date & time if you would like to take videos or photographs.

The owners of the 7th Avenue property are anxious to get on with building. They applied for the demolition permits in June, refusing, then, to entertain offers any longer toward saving the house; they did not want any delays on their demolition/building process. At that time, we were working with 2 qualified parties who were turned away.The owners miraculously came back 2 weeks ago, giving us a deadline of today, August 8, to yet again, find a taker.

Nickel Bros. stepped up to the plate, with a contract to list the house on their website to be moved or barged. As of yesterday, they have a signed contract as the new owners of the house itself. 

Historic Seattle & 4Culture are now in the picture as well with procuring land & a new Action Fund to be used for Trueblood. San Juan Preservation Trust & 2 private parties in Kirkland are also in the running. Washington Trust has been of tremendous support as well. All above agencies & private parties have been meeting with the City of Kirkland over the last 2 weeks to ensure the Planning Department & Public Works are on board with the logistics & permit processes of this move as well as a future move to the property of a new permanent owner.

We are still open to anyone else interested in owning the Trueblood house & moving it (preferably East or West of Market). Please have them contact me for information via email or cellphone, 425.890.9058. There will be signage next week at the “storage” location on 1st Street in Norkirk which will have the Nickel Bros. contact information.

Who says preservation doesn’t work in Kirkland? We can’t save them all, but we can save some.


Lynette Friberg Weber
Kirkland Landmarks & Heritage Commissioner