Sound Transit Board Teams Up with Tim Eyman in an Attempt to Damage the Organized Grass Roots Opposition to its $54 Billion Fall Ballot Measure, “ST3”


The Board of Directors forced a “shotgun marriage” at Thursday’s meeting by approving Tim Eyman’s independent request to write and sign the “con” statement for Sound Transit’s $54 Billion ST3 ballot measure this November.  They removed two of the official “No” campaign names and inserted Tim Eyman’s name instead. “People for Smarter Transit – NoST3, has no affiliation with Tim Eyman,” stated Frank Dennis, the Chair of the official opposition. “Sound Transit knows that and has abused their legislative authority by choosing someone they know turns off a lot of Democratic voters like me.  We appreciated that Board Member Dave Upthegrove voted not to add Tim Eyman’s name stating Mr. Eyman is under investigation by the State Attorney General.” added Dennis.


The ballot measure would increase the property, car tab and sales tax in the urban areas of King, Pierce and South Snohomish County indefinitely.  Each county allows up to three names to be submitted. Following procedure and shortly after forming in May, the People for Smarter Transit – NoST3 campaign sent a letter to the Board letting them know they were the only campaign registered with the Public Disclosure Commission and raising money and would be submitting names.  July 19th they submitted those names.  They testified before the Board yesterday reiterating that message.


“This speaks to how this Agency does business,” said Maggie Fimia, a member of the People for Smarter Transit campaign who recruited the five notables who agreed to be in the three voters’ pamphlets.  “The Legislature allowed Sound Transit to go to the voters for $15 Billion saying ‘let the voters decide.’  Now Sound Transit is at $54 Billion and has tried to sabotage the process so that some voters will be biased based on the messenger instead of the message.  Apparently, Sound Transit is afraid to allow this grass roots campaign to choose who they want to write and sign the “con” statement, as is the normal procedure.  Sound Transit’s campaign has collected almost

$2 million already. Many donors directly benefit from Sound Transit contracts.  What are they afraid of? It’s actions like this that are the very reason people vote for Tim Eyman’s initiatives,” it just fuels the anti government sentiment.  What Sound Transit is doing is plain and simple a dirty campaign trick.” Fimia added.