Kirkland Police Respond to Report of Man with Gun at Pharmacy

Kirkland Police were called by the manager of the Rite Aid store in Juanita on July 26, 2016 when a 26 year old male from Kirkland entered the store with what was described as a rifle hanging over his shoulder and then locked himself in the bathroom.

Kirkland Police officers evacuated the store and began trying to communicate with the male using a portable public address system. The male did not respond immediately, but exited the front of the store at 11:14 pm, which was 1 hour and 14 minutes after the store was scheduled to close. When the male came out of the store, he had what appeared to be a short barred shotgun over his shoulder. Officers detained him without incident and determined that his gun was not real. 

The male was booked into the Kirkland Jail for trespass and drug related charges.