Update: Kirkland Police Release Neighborhood Locations on Drug Houses

The Kirkland Police Department today released information on the Kirkland neighborhood locations where they served search warrants on three different houses suspected to be used in the illegal growing and distribution of marijuana. The homes were located in the Finn Hill, North Juanita and Kingsgate neighborhoods in the City of Kirkland. Two other locations were served warrants in the City of Seattle. Kirkland Police Detectives said that they removed more than 500 marijuana plants from the premises. The plants were documented as evidence and those not held will be delivered to a Spokane, Wash. facility where they will be incinerated.  

The investigation originated from observant residents living in the area of one of the houses. The residents reported suspicious activity to the Kirkland Police Department and the case grew to include a total of five locations in both Kirkland and Seattle. This is a great example of cooperation between the community and the police where residents observed suspicious activity in their neighborhoods and reported it to the police. The Kirkland Police Department would like to thank the Seattle Police Department, the Lynnwood Police Department, and the other assisting agencies for their help in this investigation.