Lizzy Kate Specialty Teas Now Open on Kirkland Ave.

Lizzy Kate Specialty Teas and Accessories opened a week ago on Kirkland Avenue in the location of the former Savrika Tea. Be sure to pay a visit to owners Amy and Will Riffle and check out the major overhaul they have undertaken to improve the interior space.

From their website (

Our Company Name

We noticed that a lot of tea companies have masculine names and we wanted a feminine, yet modern name. So we took two classic names, Elizabeth and Katherine, and modernized them to make LizzyKate. Elizabeth and Katherine are also family names, and we like how the modern combination of these traditional names makes a fun company name for our modern take on the traditional world of tea.

Our goal

To provide stellar customer service in all aspects of purchasing:

  • quick response time
  • careful packing
  • speedy shipping