LETTER | Vote "Yes" on EvergreenHealth's Prop. 1

Dear Editor,

Please don't overlook Proposition No. 1. It's the measure that if approved would increase the EvergreenHealth Board of Commissioners from five to seven members. EvergreenHealth is a public hospital and taxes the Redmond, Kirkland and Woodinville public. A seven-member Board will be more representative of their constituents. Two of the present commissioners have been on the Board for over 30 years. The Chairman will have had 41 years of service by the time his term ends. It's time for new blood. A revitalized Board with two new members will broaden the viewpoint of the community and be more likely to open their Community Advisor meetings to the public.

In addition, according to commissioner Roles and Responsibilities, the Board "provides governance oversight" and they are to "govern in a manner consistent with all applicable laws." The Board is in violation of a condition of Open Public Meetings Act in how they run their Regular Meetings. A seven-member board will provide much needed governance oversight.

BACKGROUND: If needed. see the links on my recent Redmond Blog post. www.redmondblog.org

Please vote "Yes" on EvergreenHealth's Propostion No. 1.

Bob Yoder