LETTER | Accusations made against Rep. Moscoso


There was a recent report in a local Snohomish blog which made some accusations about Rep Moscoso that need to be addressed before people vote.

The blog appeared to show evidence that he lied on his 2012 voter pamphlet statement by claiming he had a Master’s Degree in Archeology. He also insinuated that he had a degree in Archeology in his 2014 voter statement.

It’s also clear in his current 2016 voter pamphlet that he is being dishonest by claiming that he has always stood up against the 405 tolls. He in fact voted for House Bill 1382 which instituted the toll lanes. He also blocked in committee HB 2312 which was a bipartisan bill, co-sponsored by his Democratic seat-mate Rep Stanford, that would have rolled back one of the toll lanes and instituted a 2-person carpool requirement.

In the private sector, people lose their jobs all the time for lying on their resume. The CEO of Yahoo had to resign when it was made clear he lied about his academic record.
There is also a long list of university chancellors and coaches who resigned over discrepancies about their education and work experience. Here in Washington, Representative Hunt (R) recently had to resign due to lies about his military record.

Why should our public official in the 1st District be held to a lower standard?

Rep Moscoso needs to address these accusations publicly. If they are true, he should resign.

Rich Moralez