Reminder: Campaign Signs Must Comply With City Code

Campaign season is upon us. Candidates and their volunteers should be familiar with Kirkland's sign code.

Signs may be placed between the curb and the abutting private property, or where no curb exists, between the edge of the paved travel lane or paved shoulder and the abutting private property. They may not block a sidewalk or driveway.

Signs are not allowed in medians (down the center of the street) due to safety, both for the person placing the sign and because signs in the median tend to be a distraction to drivers.

Although there is no limit on the number of campaign signs that can be placed, please consider limiting them to one per block to help limit sign clutter.

And remember that signs must be removed within seven days after election day.

Kirkland's sign code can be found at

Thanks, and good luck to all! 

Karen Story