What Happened To The American Dream? Home Ownership Lowest Since 1967

Source: advisorperspectives.com. Click to enlarge.

Home ownership is at its lowest rate since 1967. Source: St. Louis Fed. Click to enlarge.

For those scratching their heads and wondering why there is so much division in our country, so much partisanship, so much disenfranchisement and discontent, so much poverty, joblessness and homelessness, one need only look at the poor shape of our economy, despite what the media tells us.

Wage stagnation has been prevalent for years, hitting the middle class the hardest. Homelessness is a crisis and the policies we enact to deal with it, an outrage. We see record numbers of people on government assistance and now we learn that home ownership in America has dropped to 63.5%. The last time homeownership was this low was in 1967.

What has happened to our country?

And not to add fuel to the fire but our reckless spending of our grandchildren's future is shameful. We spend like drunken sailors adding to our enormous national debt with little concern for the future consequences. 

Are we borrowing to invest in our existing bridges, roads and neglected infrastructure, the backbone of the American economy? Sadly, no. Instead, we dream up new ways to waste ever more of our limited tax dollars on projects like ST3.

On June 6th 2016 Sound Transit Planners showed that total boardings in 2040 without ST3 would be between 400K-491K and that with ST3, boardings in 2040 would be between 561K-695K. If passed by the voters in November, ST3 will only provide 1% of the rides for $54 billion at a cost of over a half million dollars per new rider! What a boondoggle!

66% say we are on the Wrong Track. Source: Huffingtonpost.com

While our president enjoys favorability ratings above 50%, over 66% of Americans believe we are on the wrong track.

What happened to The American Dream? It seems our leaders have lead us astray with misplaced priorities and ineffective policies.

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Are the sixty-six percent of Americans who say America is on the wrong track, to be believed? Only an elected official or someone who benefits from the status quo would argue otherwise. Both of our political parties have failed us.

We can and we should do better than this. We are better than this. Wake up America. It is time for a change. Otherwise, our American Dream may turn out to be a real life nightmare.