Valderrama Endorsed By All Eastside Fire And Rescue Commissioners

Sammamish Deputy Mayor Ramiro Valderrama has been unanimously endorsed by all elected commissioners of Eastside Fire & Rescue in his race for State House of Representatives.

Board chair Alan Gothelf and commissioners Ron Pedee, Donald Smith, Mike Fisette, Mike Mitchell, Lawrence Rude and Chris Dahline have all endorsed Ramiro Valderrama. All commissioners are elected representatives from their respective cities and districts.

Eastside Fire and Rescue provides high quality fire, rescue and emergency medical services as well as disaster preparedness and education, fire safety education and wildland fire services.

“I am honored to have the support of our fire and emergency response leaders. I am running to advocate for citizens and local communities in Olympia. These leaders know me and know that I will work hard every day to prioritize public safety.” Said Valderrama.

In addition to his leadership in Sammamish, Valderrama also serves as Vice Chair of the Regional Law, Justice and Public Safety Committee. The committee seeks to improve coordination and cooperation among criminal justice and emergency preparedness agencies at the city and county level.