Help Remove Invasive Scotch Broom on the Cross Kirkland Corridor, June 18

Scotch broom removal continues on the CKC. The goal is to remove as much as possible this month before it's done blooming and goes to seed.


Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18

9 to 11 am

South of NE 95th St. (Parking available behind Peter Kirk Elementary on 110th Ave NE.)

Look for the "trail work ahead" signs. If you can't find us, text or call 425-941-3737.

Scotch broom is an alien invasive plant taking over huge areas of the Pacific Northwest and worldwide. Broom spreads rapidly and densely, chokes out native species, and prevents reforestation. It is a fire hazard & toxic to animals and the soil.  Broom takes over fields, pastures, meadows and farms. A single plant can produce well over 20,000 seeds that last in the soil for more than 30 years. Broom seriously harms forestry, farming, tourism, our ecosystem & our health.