Views of Kirkland: 2006 -- Kirkland Wednesday Market

In 2006, the Kirkland Wednesday Market was on Park Lane. This vantage from 3rd St. looking west.

What a difference a decade makes. Many changes have taken place since this photo of the Kirkland Wednesday Market on Park Lane was taken in May 2006.

The keen observer will note that:

  • Park Lane tree canopy was large and in charge, but that also meant that the large tree roots made the sidewalks a hazard;
  • Park Lane was used as a festival street before it was remodeled to be a "festival street." Ironically, Park Lane post remodel cannot be used as a festival street due to design flaws and new restrictions by City Hall. If you knew the half of the story, it would only anger you so we wont get into it here;
  • Third Street was not a transit center and was just an ordinary street. One could turn left on 3rd St. into the parking garage under the the Library;
  • Antique Mall was an ongoing business in 2006. The building was demolished this week;
  • Sweet Cakes which is located on Park Lane started as a KWM vendor (front left)

The Kirkland Downtown Association is delighted to welcome Rochelle Haberl and Storey Hahn, the new market managers. The market is open from June 1 and closes September 28, 2016.

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