Mike Luke running for US Senate, joining a slate of over 25 Libertarian candidates across Washington.

Snohomish County resident Mike Luke is running for US Senate from the state of Washington as a Libertarian. He is one of over 25 Libertarian candidates running for office in 2016 throughout Washington at the statewide, US congressional and state legislative district levels.


Luke has previously been a small business owner in the Edmonds area for 12+ years. He has run locally for Fire district commissioner and County charter review commissioner. Additional campaign experience comes from volunteering and working on other candidate campaigns for offices such as County Executive, US Senate, and various other congressional, state and local campaigns.


Luke’s political experience is mostly from involvement in the Republican party since 2008 as a delegate, precinct committee officer, legislative district chair and Snohomish County Republican party executive board member. In January 2016 he left the Republican party in favor of membership in the Libertarian party, asserting the opinion that “the Republican party is no longer a viable political option in Washington state, even when Republicans win elections or gain legislative majorities they still seem to lose to opposition policy to some degree or another by tacitly going along with the status quo for the sake of bipartisanship, demonstrating a lack of substance and resolve, resulting in simply marketing gibberish and accomplishing virtually nothing for the people.”


One reason Luke says he is running is because “in elections like this we the people are too often limited to only the 2 choices from the two current major political parties, resulting in either settling for the lesser of two evils or having no choice at all? The August primary is the chance the voter has to vote their true conscience and make a difference and avoid being stuck with two substandard candidates that they don’t really support in the November general election? As a Libertarian candidate I am neither Republican or Democrat, nor am I just elements of the two. I have my own independent approach to the issues.”


Luke is also running on a number of issues including trade policy, military and foreign policy, government spending and accountability.


Please don’t confuse Mike Luke running for US Senator with his brother Brian Luke who is currently running for US Congress in the 2nd congressional district as a Libertarian as well.


For more information visit Luke’s Senate website: http://luke4senate.com/home