LETTER: Sound Transit Board, Please...

 Sound Transit Board: Please:

  • Do not include the 2-mile light-rail extension from Wilburton to the South Kirkland P&R.
  • Instead, earmark that money for HCT (BRT or rail) on 405, and/or light rail from Redmond to Totem Lake on Willows Road for the many reasons stated by Toby Nixon in http://www.seattletimes.com/opinion/a-better-sound-transit-light-rail-route-on-the-eastside/
  • Either cancel the environmental study of Bellevue to Bothell HCT to make better use of that money, or start the study from scratch to include the 405 and Willows Road alternatives without giving preference to HCT on the CKC.

Pay attention to the letter signed by ALL affected Eastside cities except Kirkland, asking you to concentrate on I-405 solutions for HCT. The Kirkland City Council is becoming infamous for bucking the preferences of its constituents, not only on this issue but on its mishandling of Potala zoning, its plastic-bag ban opposed by 70% of voters, and its attempt to create a taxing district for an aquatic complex that would have DOUBLED Kirkland residents' local property taxes. This council does NOT represent the wishes and interests of its constituents!


John and Beth McCaslin