LETTER: How to find a lost pet

Abby, safe at home.

Abby, safe at home.

I want to clarify how we found our Yorkie, Abby, when she went missing for 24 hours from Thursday-Friday. 

We posted our missing pet on several websites, involved our social media network in as many ways as we could think and distributed flyers throughout downtown Kirkland. But what eventually resulted in her quick return (though it's not "quick" when you're the grieving "parent") was our post on the "Lost Pets" page of the King County Animal Control website: 


At the same time, a kind woman named Rosemary found Abby at Ben & Jerry's on Lake St. in downtown Kirkland, 2 blocks away from our home. Abby had no collar, no "parent," and was just wandering aimlessly. Rosemary compassionately recognized that a Yorkie like this was not a stray, picked her up and took her to her home in Juanita. She and her husband Carlos kindly cared for her overnight, even taking Abby to a vet for help and advice. They placed a "Found Pet" announcement on the same King County Animal Control website. When we checked there the next day, we saw a likely match and called Animal Control. We were elated when we heard "You'll have to contact the ‘Finder' directly. Here's the phone number." We called, confirmed it was likely Abby, drove prayerfully to Juanita and were joyfully reunited with our "child." 

And yes, we now know the value of collars, ID and chips - even for pets you think will never leave the house.

Chuck Pilcher