No More Marijuana Stores in Kirkland Says Petition Group

A group calling themselves, Kirkland Residents Against More Marijuana Stores, has filed an online petition to the Kirkland City Council asking for an emergency ordinance to prevent a marijuana retail store from opening at 8734 120th Ave. NE, across the street from Costco. According to the State of Washington Business Licensing Service, IHPP Corporation of Issaquah holds two state licenses at this location: Marijuana Retailer and Medical Marijuana.

According to the City of Kirkland, a business license application received March 15 was denied by the city.  Kirkland Residents Against More Marijuana Stores is suggesting Kirkland adopt notification measures similar to those passed Bellevue or a two year moratorium on pot shops as was passed in Everett.

To date the petition has received 176 signatures.

The petition reads as follows:

The City of Kirkland needs to protect and inform the residents on big decisions that will affect our community for years to come.

The citizens have not been kept up to date on new marijuana applicants in our city or the city's plans to allow 2 more stores.  We have found out a new applicant that is already licensed by the state and another is in the process - both on North Rose Hill next to Costco.  The city did not inform its residents on the notice they received on Jan 14, 2016 from the state on this applicant.  They only posted the information on their website on March 16, 2016 after we made an issue of not having proper transparency.  The city can dispute the state's increased license count in Kirkland.  The two current stores do not have lines out the door, and Kirkland does not need 2 more stores.  The area of the new stores right next to Costco already has traffic problems, wetlands, and is "too close" to the Lake Washington High School (but over 1,000 ft which is the law).

Lets do what Everett recently decided - and take our time.

Or include an ordinance like Bellevue's which makes sure the public is made aware of the store's application and accepts community input.  The city also requires a 1,000 ft buffer between stores.

There have been many retailer violations selling to minors.

as well as growers using illegal chemicals and pesticides on the product that has made its way into the store.  There is not a product recall plan in place for this industry.  Do we want sick people and healthy people using these products?

The City of Kirkland Marijuana License Information page lists the following:

Notice of Marijuana License Application
The City has been notified by the WSLCB of the following application:

Type: Retailer
Location: 8734 120th Avenue NE
Rec'd notice 03.15.16 (Application denied)

Type: Retailer
Location: 11834 NE 90th Street
Rec'd notice 01.14.16 (Pending issuance of City business license)

Type: Processor
Location: 13625 NE 126th Place, #400
Rec'd notice: 11.05.15 (City business license issued 11.25.15)

Type: Retailer
Location: 13513 NE 126th Place, Ste C
Rec'd notice: 02.23.15 (City business license issued: 08.03.15) 

Type: Retailer
Location: 12525 Willows Road NE, Ste 60  
Rec'd 02.06.15  (City business license issued 02.13.15)
Type: Producer
Location: 13513 NE 126th Pl Ste B
Rec'd: 04.18.14 (City business licensed issued 03.25.15)

Type: Producer/Processer Tier 2
Location: 12525 Willows Rd NE
Rec'd 09.24.15