Quick Action Saves 22 Year Old Kirkland Man from Cardiac Arrest

Here is a feel good story. Last Saturday morning, a 22 year old Kirkland man suffered a full cardiac arrest while playing soccer at Northwest University. Thanks to quick actions of fellow players and students who started CPR immediately and ran to get the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that the school had on site, Mark Olsen was brought back. After four days at Overlake Hospital, the young was released Tuesday and recuperating at home with a full recovery in sight!

Mark is the son of Kirkland's former police chief Eric Olsen.

Cardiac arrest can strike most anyone, anywhere. Mark benefitted by the quick response of those around him. This story shows the importance of CPR training and learning to use the AEDs that are available almost everywhere these days. 

We are so happy for Mark and his family and we wish him a speedy recovery. CPR skills and AEDs really save lives. 

The Kirkland Police Department has had AEDs in the back of patrol cars for almost 15 years. AEDs are also widely available in public buildings.

Learn more. Save a life. Thank you.