Save Our Trail Wants Final ST3 Plan to Exclude Plans and Study of the Trail

Per the public comment process, Save Our Trail issued a letter dated 4/25/16 urging Sound Transit to stay the course and keep bus and light rail off the Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail when it finalizes the ST3 plan in June.

In addition, the ST3 draft plan still poses concerns for future high capacity transit (HCT) on the Trail which Save Our Trail is adamantly against and wants excluded from the final ST3 plan and any future transit plans:

  • Any HCT proposals on the CKC;
  • The Environmental Study (decision document of HCT options on the CKC; and
  • Light Rail or Any Mass Transit Extension from Bellevue to S. Kirkland P&R.

The environmental study and the light rail extension to S. Kirkland P&R per David Greschler ‘pose a threat for future transit on the Trail’ and he likens it to a ‘Trojan Horse’.  These proposals are seen as costly precursors to transit on the Trail that would cost three to five times more than BRT on I-405 and do not make economic sense with such low ridership expectations.

Instead, Save Our Trail sees other economically feasible alternative options (list attached in letter) with using I-405 and sees the use of tax payer monies to enhance transit on I-405 as the top priority.   We absolutely disagree with the City Council’s proposal of mass transit on the CKC and feel that once again, they have not heard from the citizens of Kirkland and do not represent the majority of the voters on this issue.  Save Our Trail will actively work to defeat the passage of ST3 in November if there is any plan or study to include mass transit on their Trail.

Download the letter to Sound Transit board.