LETTER | In support of Prop 1


Last year my husband and I decided to move to Kirkland from Capitol Hill after researching many Seattle and east side neighborhoods. The quality of the schools in Kirkland was the key determining factor in our final choice, and we stretched our budget to find a house here that met our needs. We've spoken with numerous young families in the area who reached the same conclusion.


What I particularly like about prop 1 is the way it was developed in close partnership with the community. I'm a teacher (though not in LWSD) and I've been involved in multiple bond measures over the years. I believe that this bottoms-up approach is critical to matching the needs of the education system with the priorities and concerns of the people who fund it. 


Last Saturday I went canvassing door to door in support of the measure with my 4 yr old daughter. We spoke with people from across the political and demographicspectrum. Although my daughter seemed primarily interested in inquiring about the names of people's dogs, I was heartened to hear the broad support for Prop 1. It really validated my belief that this community is committed to giving our children the best possible opportunities for success.


Megan Nandi