Seattle Yacht Club to Host Takarabune Regatta

Crew Races, Opening Day 2013

Crew Races, Opening Day 2013


Seattle Yacht Club is hosting members of Suma Yacht Club from Kobe, Japan for the 13th Takarabune Regatta.  Thirty-four guests from Japan will arrive in Seattle on April 29.  Racing will be in Mini 12s launched from South Lake Union's Center for Wooden Boats and will culminate with an awards dinner on the lawn of Seattle Yacht Club's Mainstation on Tuesday, May 3.  Most guest will extend their stay to participate in the regalia of Seattle Yacht Club's Opening Day on Saturday, May 7.  They are entered in the themed Decorated Boat Category - A Great Escape.

The cities of Seattle and Kobe officially established sister city ties in 1957.  In 1982, Seattle Yacht Club and Kobe's Suma Yacht joined forces to develop a sisterhood relationship by organizing a sailing regatta between the two clubs.  "This was based on a shared passion for boating and the challenges of sailboat racing," explained Mary Simpson, chair of the event. 

The centerpiece of this fellowship is the Takarabune Regatta, a multi-day event featuring team racing in one-design sailboats.  A number of social and cultural activities are offered in conjunction with the competition.  Seattle Yacht Club members provide home stays for their Japanese guests to further solidify the bond between the two clubs.

The regatta takes place on Monday, May 2 and Tuesday, May 3 in Lake Union.  Racers will leave the docks at the Center for Wooden Boats at 10 a.m.  Spectators are welcome to watch from shore, on their boats or paddleboards.  For more information, contact Chair Mary Simpson at (206) 364-5675.