Save Our Trail Works: Volunteer Work Party of 40+ Clear Weeds on the CKC [u]

On Sunday a group of forty strong, most wearing the signature green Save Our Trail t-shirts, cleared blackberry bushes from a stretch along the Cross Kirkland Corridor (Trail). Karen Story and Michelle Sailor lead a large team of volunteers which included both the young and the young at heart. Also on hand was Ramiro Valderamma, candidate for the state House of Representatives in the 45th District, and two of his children.

The work crew received the praise of many of the bikers and walkers passing including a thumbs up from the KPD officer who arrived via one of the new electric vehicles purchased to patrol the trail. The weather could not have been nicer for these hard-working volunteers. Many thanks to all who volunteer to make Kirkland a better place.

As my wife, Kate, likes to say, "We heart Kirkland!"

Thanks to Matt McCauley, Karen Story and Michelle Sailor for sharing their photos.