Kirkland to Sound Transit: How about a Cruise Ship Terminal Instead of Buses or Rail?

Carinval Cruises's Fun Ship rendered in Moss Bay.

Carinval Cruises's Fun Ship rendered in Moss Bay.

Carnival Cruise Line Plans To Start Alaska Cruises from Kirkland in 2021

Following Kirkland's unsuccessful bid to secure Sound Transit support for Kirkland's vision of mass transit on the Cross Kirkland Corridor, the City of Kirkland has a bold new plan in the works to boost Kirkland tourism by welcoming cruise ships to Marina Park as early as 2021. A large part of the funding for the terminal would come from Sound Transit's ST3, supplemented by funds generated by Kirkland's Plastic Bag Ban and Nickel Fee for Paper Bags.

We see this as a win-win-win-win!
— Unnamed source at City Hall

"Imagine the Kirkland of tomorrow... a bustling, vibrant sea port welcoming cruise ship passengers to come to Kirkland and spend their money as they depart on their cruise to Alaska. Seattle has had a monopoly on the Alaska cruise industry for too long. Watch out Seattle, here comes Kirkland!" said a source familiar with the plan. "Besides, we need to get our money's worth out of Sound Transit's ST3 and we wanted to do it in the Kirkland way, consistent with our values."

“Did you know that waste bilge water from cruise ships nourishes and improves our environment?”
— Constance Noring

"Imagine the thrill of seeing 2,500 passenger disgorging from the ship right into the heart of downtown. A cruise ship here brings back fond memories of The Protector which was parked here for years." Our source told us that only minor changes will be needed to permit the deep dredging of Moss Bay and the building of a cruise ship terminal in Marina Park. 

This is the realization of Peter Kirk’s dream of Kirkland becoming The Pittsburg of the West!
— Harry R. M. Pitts

City officials had no comment when confronted with the fact that Kirkland is not on Puget Sound. When asked how seafaring cruise ships would make it through the locks and into Lake Washington, the city official said, "Sound Transit will figure that one out. We are just happy to welcome The Fun Ship!

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