'You Can't Beat City Hall?' Tell That To The People Who Saved Our Trail

Save Our Trail celebrates at Chainline Brewing

They say you can't beat City Hall. And they are wrong.


We all know the old adage, you can't beat City Hall. Many of us know first hand what it is like to challenge the status quo, to say "No!" to the powerful or to the government. Many of us are defeated and are wiser for the effort. Yet some of us have actually beaten City Hall. Save Our Trail is a team of just such people. They not only moved the dial and made meaningful change in our community, they are an example for others to follow.

When City Hall and Sound Transit proposed bad plans for mass transit on the Cross Kirkland Corridor (CKC -- however, we prefer the term "Trail" over "Corridor"), a small group of citizens stood up and said "No!" The trail is a unique greenbelt which should be preserved, not paved over and mass transit is better suited for transit corridors like I-405. Needless to say, the odds were not good for Save Our Trail. Passion and hard work can only get one so far. It helps to have the facts on one's side. And the facts showed that putting mass transit on the CKC just did not make sense. 

Isn’t it about time to rename the CKC and actually call it a TRAIL?

When bright, motivated individuals team together for a cause, they can move mountains. In the case of Save Our Trail, no one person had the skills necessary to defeat the poor plans of City Hall and Sound Transit. In fact, the thought of defeating City Hall and Sound Transit was laughable in some quarters. Those folks are not laughing now. Some of them are in denial. Others resort to being snarky. Still more are regrouping for the next "battle".

The Save Our Trail team is composed of neighbors and small business people just like you and me. They care passionately about Kirkland -- just like you and me. On the issue of saving the Cross Kirkland Trail from mass transit, it looks like this round goes to Save Our Trail. But the job is not done. There is more work to do. The Transit Ueber Alles crowd will not stop. Nor shall Save Our Trail.

According to the most recent plans, Sound Transit will put mass transit on I-405 where it belongs and the Cross Kirkland Trail -- isn't it about time to rename the CKC and actually call it a TRAIL? -- will be for families and bicycles.

They say you can't beat City Hall. And Save Our Trail has proven them wrong.

Congratulations and many thanks to our friends and neighbors who Saved Our Trail!