Sound Transit: "We go big"; $50 Billion in taxes/bonding; Avoids CKC, BRT to go on I-405

ST3 To Include Colossal Taxing Package; Massive Expansion

The debate over light rail is effectively over.
— Peter M. Rogoff, Sound Transit CEO

On Thursday, Dow Constantine, Sound Transit Board Chair presented the list of proposed ST3 projects and funding mechanism saying, "We go big!... The proposal I'm bringing forward is a 25 year program." The draft proposal, if approved by the voters and if built out as planned, would make the rail system on a par with that in the Bay Area and twice as large as the one in Atlanta.

ST3 will complete the core system with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on I-405 from Lynnwood to Burien, as well as additional Sounder service and many light rail connections including Issaquah, Redmond, Everett, Ballard, West Seattle and Tacoma.

The $50 Billion 25 year financing plan includes: 

  • $17 Billion in Sales Taxes
  • $7 Billion in Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes
  • $3 Billion in Property Taxes

Sound Transit's plans do not include transportation on the Cross Kirkland Corridor.

Download the draft ST3 map: