Heard on the Street: City Hall may be willing to modify unpopular Plastic Bag Ban


The uproar over the unpopular Plastic Bag Ban is being heard in the halls of 123 5th Ave. Despite the grumblings of the true green believers, it looks like more rational heads may save the day and the Plastic Bag Ban may be modified to be less impactful on local merchants. Of course, it ain't over 'till its over, but the signs point to things moving in the right direction. Look for a modified (not castrated) plastic bag ban to come down the pike soon.

In the meantime, word on the street is that City Hall wont be fining merchants the "$100 per violation" penalties for not charging customers a nickel for a paper bag.

City Hall needs to find ways to encourage people to act responsibly by using a carrot, rather than constantly resorting to punishing them with a stick. This is a learning opportunity for City Hall.

As odd as it may seem, life is much less contentious when one does not attempt to "punish" one's constituents.