Lost and Found: Money Found in Local Business; Claim it and it is yours

Have you lost some cash recently? A Kirklander has found some money in a local business and seeks to return it to its rightful owner. Please read below:

A family member recently found some loose cash in the restroom of a local eatery/coffee shop/restaurant. The family member chose not to give it to the staff at the eatery/coffee shop/restaurant assuming (rightly or wrongly) that they would just pocket it - not a completely unreasonable assumption.
If the rightful owner can be found, we would like to return it but wish to remain anonymous. Please send an email to Rob Butcher, Editor, Kirkland Views, explaining why you think the money is yours. The rightful owner would know:

• Which eatery/coffee shop/restaurant?

• Approximately how much cash?

• What day it was lost, and approximately what time on that day?

• How it was lost?