LETTER | Support Transit on I-405 and Keep CKC Non-motorized

Dear Editor,

Bellevue is now considering a Grand Connection bike and pedestrian only project downtown, which will connect Meydenbauer Bay and Auto-row/Eastlink.  Reason? Make downtown more livable and pedestrian-friendly. Check it out!  http://www.king5.com/story/news/local/bellevue/2016/02/06/bellevue-has-plan-connect-downtown-neighborhoods/79951712/ .

Meanwhile, the Kirkland City Council is aggressively working on ways to destroy the CKC trail that we already have, instead of trying to further improve it and connect it to other parks in the city and to other trails in the region. Go figure. They are still stuck in the past…

Ask the Kirkland City Council to switch their support from transit on the CKC to BRT on I-405!

Shawn Etchevers