Expert Review Panel for “Sound Transit 3” to discuss methods for estimating costs and projecting ridership, among other topics


An independent Expert Review Panel for Sound Transit’s Phase 3 Planning for the Regional Transit Long-Range Plan will meet on February 8 – 9 in Seattle to review key methodologies, correspondence from local cities, and financial planning. The 10-member panel was appointed by Governor Jay Inslee, the chairs of the state House and Senate transportation committees (Rep. Judy Clibborn and Sen. Curtis King), and Secretary of Transportation Lynn Peterson, in accordance with state legislation (RCW 81.104.110).


On Monday, February 8, the panel will convene at 9:00 a.m. at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel Alaska Ballroom, 612 Second Ave. in Seattle. The day’s agenda includes an independent review of ST3 cost estimation methods; and presentations and discussion on light rail operations alternatives, operation and maintenance costs, and the ST3 financial plan.


On Tuesday, February 9, the panel will reconvene at 9:00 a.m. at the Courtyard Marriott for briefings and discussion of cost estimating and project scheduling, ridership forecasting, letters received from local jurisdictions about the ST3 potential projects, and possible federal grants.


The role of the panel is to pose and assess critical questions, help guide the preparation of the Sound Transit 3 Plan through the panel’s review of key methodologies and assumptions, and ensure the assumptions in the plan are appropriate and reasonable. The panel’s technical review of the plan is necessary to guarantee that Sound Transit’s Board can make appropriate decisions for Sound Transit 3 investments in the region’s high-capacity transportation system.


The nine panel members were selected from across the nation. Collectively their expertise spans key technical areas, including project cost estimating, capital finance plan review, ridership forecasting, modal analysis, legal and political architecture of Sound Transit’s legislative charter, environmental impact statement preparation, local design and constructability, and transit operations and maintenance.


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