Kirkland residents invited to apply to City advisory boards by Feb. 18

The City of Kirkland has adult and youth vacancies occurring on several of its advisory boards and commissions.  Eligibility requirements differ for each board or commission.   Interested residents are invited to apply.  Some incumbents on these boards and commissions have served one term, are eligible, and intend to apply for re-appointment. Completed applications must be received by the City Clerk prior to 4 p.m. on Thursday, February 18, 2016.  To learn more about each board and to obtain the community service application, go to the Current Recruitment Positions page, or call the City Clerk’s Office at 425-587-3190.

Adult vacancies are available on the following boards and commissions:

Youth vacancies are available on the following boards and commissions:

The members of the advisory boards listed above are appointed by the City Council.  The City Council will interview qualified applicants on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, beginning at 6 p.m.  Most boards/commissions hold monthly evening meetings.

Current Recruitment Positions

Current Recruitment Positions Notification
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Upon appointment, all Board and Commission members are asked to sign the City Council adopted Code of Conduct (PDF-6kb)and Code of Ethics (PDF-996kb).

The Design Review Board eviews and make decisions upon proposed development projects for compliance with City of Kirkland design regulations and guidelines in designated design districts.

Design Review Board Application  (PDF - 103kb)
Design Review Board Description

The Library Board serves as an advisory body to the City Council and City Manager and as a liaison to the King County rural library district.

Library Board Application  (PDF - 103kb)
Library Board Description

The Park Board advises the City Council on matters relating to parks, recreation and community services.

Park Board Application  (PDF - 104kb)
Park Board Description

The Planning Commission advises the City Council on matters relating from city planning documents to specific texts of land use regulations.

Planning Commission Application  (PDF - 102kb)
Planning Commission Description

The Salary Commission sets the salary of the members of the City Council.

Salary Commission Application  (PDF - 103kb)
Salary Commission Description

The Transportation Commission advises the City Council regarding planning and development of those transportation issues referred to them by the City Council.

Transportation Commission Application  (PDF 105kb)
Transportation Commission Description

Transportation Commission Youth Application  (PDF - 106kb) 
Transportation Commission Youth Description

The Cultural Arts Commission advises the City Council on public art acquisitions and loans, and reviews and recommends projects under the City's  "one percent for the arts" program.

Cultural Arts Commission Application  (PDF - 106kb)
Cultural Arts Commission Description

The Human Services Advisory Committee reviews annual funding requests for human services providers and prepares recommendations for the City Council.

Human Services Advisory Committee Application (PDF 103kb)
Human Services Advisory Committee Description

Human Services Advisory Committee Youth Application (PDF - 106kb)
Human Services Advisory Committee Youth Description