LETTER | Join us in support of the Lake Washington School District Bond


As the grandparent of 2 students in the Lake Washington School District, I want to encourage voters to support the passage of the April 26 bond measure. It’s designed to reduce overcrowding in the schools without raising our tax rate.


The Lake Washington School District is one of the state’s fastest growing. In fact, it’s grown from the sixth largest district to the fourth largest this year alone.  I’ve seen first-hand how this growth – without the needed investment in buildings -- has negatively impacted students.


This bond measure addresses overcrowding through a cost-effective approach that prioritizes the district’s most urgent needs, those that will have the greatest impact on students. Under this long-term plan, work will be done in stages to help keep costs down for taxpayers.


In researching the proposal, I learned that it takes advantage of good fiscal planning and timing.  By paying off other district bonds and levies, the school district can fund this bond proposal without raising our tax rate. And bond approval ensures that the district is eligible for state matching funds to make sure our local investment goes even further. You can learn more about the proposal by visiting the school district website at www.lwsd.org.


And, senior citizens may qualify for a tax exemption. This applies to property owners age 61 and older, or those who are retired due to a service or job-related disability. (You can learn more by calling the King County Assessor’s Office at 206-296-7300.)


Please join me in voting yes on the April 26 Lake Washington School District bond.



Santos Contreras