Rags to Riches Community Response: creating a different context for the conversation on race

At noon on Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016, we, the people of the Eastside, will articulate our intent to reject the rags of racism and don the riches of diversity. As an expression of solidarity and a stand against racism, our community will construct an exhibition of our personal statements about creating a community where we all are welcomed, where we all belong.

The demonstration that was launched in Redmond has traveled to Bellevue, and will now continue on to the City of Kirkland with an address by the Mayor and other leaders in our community. They will each read aloud their personal action statements. These declarations will be written on pieces of beautiful fabric which will then be used to adorn an archway. 

Community members will be invited to add their voices by writing their own declarations of belief and intent and adding it to the archway. The arch will remain in the city for a week before moving to a neighboring city for another week, where that community can add their voices against racism and support for diversity to this symbolic display throughout Black History Month. The display will grow more beautiful as it moves through our region – a symbol of our commitment to stand against racism and strive to create a beloved community.

Rags to Riches Community Response
Kirkland City Hall (123 5th Ave)
February 17 at noon