Report Says I-405 Tolling Makes Traffic Worse in General Purpose Lanes [u]

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A new report by the Kirkland traffic data company INRIX says express toll lanes on Interstate 405 are making traffic worse for drivers in the general purpose lanes, according to this story at

The report compares vehicle speeds from October 2014 with speeds from October 2015, the month after express toll lanes were introduced.

The comparison of pre- and post-toll conditions on two northbound and two southbound segments of I-405 between downtown Bellevue and I-5 (near Lynnwood) shows extended peak hour conditions for most segments in the peak direction of travel for those in the general purpose lanes. Additionally, these segments also show slower speeds during the peak hour in the general purpose lanes. Though one of the segments studied shows a reduction in the duration of the peak hour, slower speeds were still observed in the peak hour in the non-peak directions. The analysis also shows greater variability in peak hour speeds in the post-toll condition, especially for the 50th- and 85th-percentile speeds. As such, this analysis suggests that post-toll speed improvements on I-405 are isolated to vehicles that already experience the least peak hour congestion (i.e., those driving in the HOV/HOT lanes), while post-toll speeds in the general purpose lanes have generally gotten worse for the majority of drivers.
— Executive Summary Preliminary Speed Assessment on I-405 from Bellevue to Lynnwood