Lake Washington Citizens Levy Committee launches April 2016 bond campaign


‘Win-win’ proposal will prioritize schools’ most urgent needs without raising tax rate

Guided by a mission to support schools without raising the tax rate, the Lake Washington Citizens Levy Committee today launched its campaign for a Lake Washington School District bond measure that will appear on the April 26, 2016 special election ballot.

“The timing of this bond proposition is a win-win for taxpayers,” said Eric Campbell, CEO of Main Street Property Group and a member of the citizens committee. “By paying off our other district bonds and levies, we can fund the bond proposal to improve local schools without raising our tax rate. In addition, we are eligible for state matching funds to make sure our local investment goes even further.”

The $398 million bond measure is aimed at providing more classroom space to relieve school overcrowding that keeps getting worse. It prioritizes the schools’ most urgent needs to ensure the greatest impact district-wide – all while maintaining the current tax rate.

"Many of our schools are overcrowded and too many of our kids are in portable classrooms," said Kerri Nielsen, a Lake Washington School District parent and citizens levy committee member.  "This bond measure allows us to create space for all our students and continue to provide excellent educational opportunities for them---all without raising our tax rate.  It's a great investment for our community." 

Kevin Teeley, who represents the more than 1,800 teachers in the school district as president of the Lake Washington Education Association, said the bond measure will ensure that district students have quality learning environments. “Classes and small group instruction are being held in places not designed for those purposes,” Teeley said. “Portable classrooms are not a long-term solution.”

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