Juanita High School Key Club and Kiwanis Club of Kirkland Raise Over $3,000 for Eastside Baby Corner


It has become a tradition with the Juanita High School Key Club to have what is called a “Beard Brawl” every November in connection with “Movember”, also known as “No-Shave November”.  It is a fun event in which Key Clubbers, teachers and Kiwanis members join together for a great cause.


Led by Key Club Faculty Advisor, Paul Miller, the kids in the JHS Key Club initiate the Beard Brawl by convincing teachers and Kiwanis members not to shave for the whole month of November.  In exchange, pledges and donations are given in support of Beard Brawl participants and all money goes to support the Eastside Baby Corner.  This organization provides the absolute essentials for families with babies and small children, including diapers, formula and food, car seats, bedding, clothing and much, much more.


This year, there were nine teachers and two classified staff at JHS that participated in November.  The pledges and donations made in support of these teachers added up to $1,886.  Kiwanis member and Key Club advisor, Jay Henwood, raised $1,280 in pledges and donations with support of friends and the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland members -- as well as sporting a nice looking beard! 


Having a day off school on January 22, ten of the JHS Key Club members personally delivered a check for $3,166.  They saw firsthand what the organization they raised money for is all about and how it operates.  Helen Banks Routon, Director of Development & Community Relations, gave the group a tour of the facility and explained to the kids and Kiwanis members how great the need is and how they provide for our community.  Listening to her speak made these kids realize the enormous job EBC does, serving over 500 children every week.  Joined by their advisor, Paul Miller, the Key Clubbers felt very proud and honored to be part of this process.  Miller said, “Doing this job for three years, I am amazed by what kids will do if you just shine a light on a need”.  Once again, these kids came through and make him, KCK and our community proud.


If you would like to learn more about EBC or give a donation, visit their website at http://babycorner.org/   Information on the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland is available at www.kirkland.kiwanis.org .