Petition urges Kirkland City Council to Support Trail; Put Buses on I-405


 The following is from an online petition to the city council:


Sign the Petition: Don't let 2016 be the year transit was allowed on the Trail!


The petition is at, then search Kirkland Corridor

Or visit


Tell The Kirkland City Council to vote to recommend against Sound Transit's proposals for transportation development on the Cross Kirkland Corridor. Instead, the buses on 405 solution does a much better job of reducing congestion for a lot less cost:


- Buses on 405 will cost 40% less to build per rider than the Trail

- Buses on 405 will cost 38% less to run per rider than the Trail

- Buses on 405 will move riders 22% faster than the Trail.

- Buses on 405 will support 27% more riders than the Trail.


And Buses on 405 will preserve the Trail for generations to enjoy!