LETTER | Transit on CKC is a violation to safety and tranquility


I am writing in opposition of rapid transit on the CKC.  I am shocked that this would be given any consideration whatsoever.  I do not live on the trail, but I do live in Kirkland, and I see this as a violation to the safety and tranquility of our residential neighborhoods.  The trail is loved as an extension of our parks system. When the trail was created it provided Kirkland residents with benefits that other communities enjoy with their trail systems (Sammamish River Trail, Burke-Gilman, etc).  If rapid transit is allowed, we will lose this.  Rapid Transit brings enormous safety concerns as well as significant noise pollution.  It would be a rape of our neighborhoods.  We have plenty of major streets and highways that can continue to provide rapid transit just fine.  The trail is peaceful and quiet.  PLEASE keep it this way!


Tronda Quin