KAN Parking Survey – Issues and Impacts

Kirkland urban legend:  A reason to own a home in Kirkland is to have a place to park your car.


Generally speaking, that’s indeed an urban legend -  visitors who drive here can find a place to park. However, more and more, we are hearing from residents that the number of cars parked on our neighborhood streets are increasing, as are the number of hours that those cars remain parked, making it more challenging for our families and guests. 


Some say that these issues, often referred to as “spillover parking,” interfere with quality of life and safety in their neighborhood, while others say that our streets are a shared resource as the public right of way and that parked cars serve to reduce the speed of traffic in residential areas. 


The Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods (KAN) is listening and with the encouragement of the City Council, we’re gathering information with the goal of recommending citywide policy addressing parking within residential neighborhoods.


What do you think? Are there problems where you live - or are parked cars simply part of life in a city? Where are these cars coming from? Are there patterns or trends? With that in mind, KAN is performing a survey of Kirkland residents to identify parking uses, issues and/or problems, particularly issues that may arise with vehicles from outside your immediate neighborhood. This information will help identify the causes and impacts of parking issues throughout the City and will be provided to the City Council. Depending upon what we learn from this survey, there will likely be a follow-up survey about solutions to issues that are identified in this initial survey. In other words, before the City determines what to do, if anything, we need to assess what it is that is occurring and what the impacts are.


Please take 10 minutes and take the survey by clicking here. And please forward this message to your neighbors and encourage them to participate as well.


The survey will remain open for the next 2 weeks. KAN will have the results on its agenda at its November 11 meeting.


To learn more about KAN, please see www.KirklandKAN.org or www.kirklandwa.gov/depart/CMO/Neighborhood_Services/KAN.htm . KAN’s mission statement: The Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods (KAN) is a coalition of the City’s Neighborhood Associations. KAN fosters communication and awareness of issues affecting the neighborhoods among the Neighborhood Associations, the City and appropriate entities. KAN is an effective, collegial voice for the neighborhoods and a valued resource for the City.


Thank you for your participation!


Bea Nahon, Co-Chair, Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods