LETTER | Does Council care?


Kirkland Council wants us to approve a new taxing authority to pay for the ARC.  Just a few years ago in 2012, they passed a recreation and road tax to cover their previous budget mismanagement mistakes at a time when their adopted budget showed there was enough money in the budget.  More taxes were unnecessary.   


Now we're being asked to pay taxes on top of taxes, a double jeopardy of tax increases in a short period of time.  They ignored the mandated 6 year capital improvement budget they adopted in 2012.  


There’s a better way to finance the ARC without taxpayers having to pay double on what they've already paying.  The ARC is good.  It can be done without Prop 1.


Times are tough. Consider this.  Next year, the SS Medicare payments will see double digit inflation, much more than our COLA increase of two percent or less.  The Kirkland Council has increased their cost at an annual rate of 11 percent.  The Fed's are doing the same.


Prop 1 will create new a new unnecessary taxing authority that does not consider the reduction of taxpayers ability to maintain or improve their quality of life especially those on fixed income.  


Taxpayers should consider Councilmember Asher’s comments.  Prop 1 is a bad idea and doesn't take into consideration what we are already paying taxed for.


Robert L. Style