Primary Race for City Council Seat No. 2 Tightens

As the election results of the August 4 Primary continue to be counted by King County, as of Thursday, the margin between candidates Jason Chinchilla and Bill Henkens has narrowed to a mere six votes. Incumbent Shelley Kloba handily secured her return to the ballot in November with 58.15% of the vote so far. The next results are posted by King County Friday evening.

Jason Chinchilla provided the following statement to Kirkland Views:

“I appreciate the support primary voters are giving me tonight and I’m hopeful that the ballots still to be counted will make me one of the TOP TWO contenders to come thru the primary election. I believe the American Dream is alive and well in Kirkland – that if you’re willing to work hard you can accomplish great goals.” 

He added, “It also shows voters support my commitment to hold the line on property taxes, to protect our diverse neighborhoods and to reduce government meddling by trusting residents to decide such questions as “paper or plastic” shopping bags. I plan to continue to take my message to the voters and together, we will build Kirkland’s future.”