LETTER | Potala should get no special treatment

To whom it may concern:  


My wife and I have been citizens of Kirkland for the past 16 years, living at 421 2nd St. W and at 631 Market St, #301.  


My main comment on the Potala Proposal is that the developer does not deserve any special treatment and should meet all zoning and design regulations without exception.  It appears that the developer started with a ridiculous and outlandish proposal, so that the current proposal would seem reasonable, which it is NOT.  


Kirkland does not need additional development at the present time.  There are plenty of dump trucks adding to our traffic and plenty of construction projects blocking sidewalks and roadways.   I recognize that the developer has a right to speedy decisions once he has submitted a proposal that meets all the zoning and development rules.  He has not done so and Kirkland does not currently need his project.  


To be specific about the issues: 


1) The building is too tall.

2) The building does not meet lot coverage regs.

3) The building does not meet setback requirements

4) The building is out of character for the neighborhood.  

5) The proposed “Community Gathering Area” is a sunless hole.

6) Due to reduced setbacks, the building puts nearby building in shadow for much of the day.

7) Windows looking directly into adjacent building windows.

8) Token retail space with inadequate parking.  


I specifically request consideration of this email by the DRB, not as part of a count.   I also specifically note that I wish to retain my right to appeal any decision of the DRB relative to the Potala Proposal.



Bob McConnell