Three Cheers for the Volunteers of Kirkland's summer events!

Kirkland is well-known for the many festivals we host throughout the year but what many people do not understand is that Kirkland's community events are largely produced by volunteers. The misunderstanding is common. Understandably, many people mistakenly think the City of Kirkland produces and their taxes finance summer festivals such as the 4th of July Parade, Summerfest, The Kirkland Classic Car Show and Summer Concert Series.

The truth is this: These community festivals are largely produced by teams of volunteers working with the Kirkland Downtown Association, Celebrate Kirkland and the Kirkland Performance Center. Funding for the festivals comes mostly from sponsorships -- not tax dollars.

The City of Kirkland for its part provides grants and other sources of support to some festivals  including money to help attract tourists to town. However, unlike large festivals in some of our neighboring cities, the City of Kirkland does not produce festivals. The favorite festivals we have rely more upon sponsorships rather than tax dollars. And volunteers supply most of the necessary labor.

Without the generous support of the community, our city would not be such a lively and energetic hub of activity for so many citizens and visitors to enjoy. 

Kirkland is a special place and it is filled with passionate individuals who care deeply about their home. We want to say "thank you" to all who contribute. Kirkland would not be the same without your time, energy and financial support. Kudos volunteers!

Kirkland volunteers have been the vital to the success of another amazing summer filled with art, music, parades, farmers markets, concerts, car shows and Duck Dashes. We applaud you all.

Some images used in this post were shamelessly scraped from Facebook.