Vanity of Vanities: Anna Skibska shatters boundaries of craft and fine art in upcoming exhibition at Kirkland Arts Center

Starbust, Anna Skibska glass technique

Opening reception: Friday, August 14, 2015, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM, Show runs 
August 15 - October 10, 2015

Kirkland Arts Center's upcoming exhibition, La Skibska: Vanitas Vanitatum [Vanity of Vanities] and other, is a solo exhibition of the work of local artist Anna Skibska. Featuring some of Anna's signature glass sculptures, new photo collage and handmade jewelry work, the exhibition is sure to dazzle visitors.

The exhibit considers the role vanity plays in our day to day lives and opens up commentary about adornment, art and craft. Anna is most well known for her glass sculptures created with her distinct "Anna Skibska technique" which has been exhibited in Poland, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Greece, Sweden, and throughout the United States. But glass is not the only medium that captures Anna's creativity. She also enjoys writing, photography, and designing small sculptural forms like jewelry, which will be on display and available for purchase at the exhibition.

"I have been making and designing jewelry since my childhood," Anna explains. "However, I have not presented it yet as a collection. I have never made any necklace in the studio, reserving the studio time for my professional work. My jewelry has been always treated as a hobby. And it has been done in the evening, at home, as a private fancy. Thus, I am presenting my privacy for the first time."
Anna regards her jewelry as a statement and not an ornament. She describes her intent in creating "necklaces designed to match evening attire and everyday clothes and, most importantly, to become a ritual part of the bearers' lives." For those who still ponder, "Can jewelry be art?" Anna is shattering the boundaries of craft and fine art with abandon and intimacy.
The exhibition as a whole contemplates a day of artistic life. La Skibska is looking forward to "filling the house of Peter Kirk with the contents of one day of (her) life, from the first blush of morning light until midnight." Visitors will have an intimate glimpse into Anna's day, relating to the frenzy in the morning, getting ready with "nothing to wear," and the moment at the end of the day when a heavy head meets the pillow.
Join KAC at the free Opening Reception on Friday, August 14, 6:00 - 8:30PM in the KAC Gallery. Free parking is available; drinks ($2) and light snacks will be served.  Artist will be in attendance.
La Skibska will be on display through October 10, 2015 and the KAC Gallery is open Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6pm and Saturdays 11am - 5pm.