LETTER | 4th of July Parade lacks cultural diversity

Dear Editor,

I am a Northwest native and have lived in Kirkland for 14 years. I would like to express my since appreciation to the volunteers that give their time to putting on the many events that make ours a vibrant community.

I write to say that I believe our July 4th parade lacks cultural diversity. This really hit home with me last year after attending parades in downtown Seattle, West Seattle, and Lake City. There you will see drill teams, marching bands, cultural organizations, drumlines, and floats representing the full breadth of our local population - wonderful examples of sound, rhythm and color that truly underscore the melting pot we celebrate on Independence Day.

Kirkland's July 4th Celebration is a joy, but will be even more so when we get some color and flavor up in here.


Gary A. Fujioka, Sr.