Good To Go! Spin on Toll Disputes

As a matter of practice, we try to publish news releases sent to us by our local governments in an effort to help disseminate information and provide an outlet for discussion of the issues. Occasionally, the news releases are so self-serving that it is almost laughable. The following is just an example. We applaud that the program is changing. We also know that the program would not have changed on its own without pressure from outside the organization. Kudos to those who worked to fix this broken part of government. 

The following spin is provided to you by Good To Go! and the WSDOT:

Toll-dispute program helps thousands of customers


More than 2,200 drivers had approximately 27,000 civil penalty fees for unpaid tolls waived through a new program introduced last week by the Washington State Department of Transportation.


“We’ve collected $19,000 in tolls so far, and we’ve waived over $1 million in fees and penalties,” said Patty Rubstello, WSDOT toll operations director. “We’re helping customers pay tolls and educate them on how the billing process works to help them avoid unpaid fees and penalties in the future.”


Beginning Monday, July 20, customers who have unpaid civil penalties could contact Good To Go! to request a one-time waiver of fees and penalties if they agreed to pay all outstanding tolls.


“This program allows us to collect tolls that would otherwise remain unpaid and gives drivers an opportunity to clear up any pending vehicle registration holds,” Rubstello said.


Customers must call Good To Go! at 1-866-936-8246 or visit a customer service center to participate in the program. Customers with unpaid civil penalties may also choose to fill out and mail the dispute form included with their notice.


In the coming weeks, WSDOT will notify customers who requested a written hearing since Feb. 19 that their fees and penalties have been waived as part of the program. Customers who had a hearing with a judge and were held liable since then may also call Good To Go! to have their civil penalties and fees waived. 


Customers who had a ruling with a judge prior to Feb. 19 are not eligible for this program, but may still request an additional judicial review as to whether there were mitigating circumstances.


For more information on the new customer dispute resolution program and eligibility requirements,