Three Candidates Challenge Kloba in Primary

In March 2013, Shelley Kloba was appointed to fill the vacated Position No. 2 on the Kirkland City Council. Eight months later, she won in the general election and today Kloba finds herself facing three opponents for her seat in the August 4 Primary. It is not uncommon to see a primary runoff during a city council election cycle but what makes this year interesting is the number of challengers for Kloba's seat.

This week, King County mailed the ballots and when you open yours, you will see four people vying  for Kirkland City Council Position No. 2:

  1. Jason Chinchilla
  2. Jory Hamilton
  3. Bill Henkens
  4. Shelley Kloba.

It is rare that four people all seek the same seat in a primary. In fact, one of the four contenders first applied to run against Dave Asher for Position No. 6., but decided to run against Kloba instead. Asher has only one challenger for his seat so no primary is necessary.  

As an observer of politics, I always find election season to be interesting. It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. As we, the electorate, try to determine which of the candidates will best represent us, some of the worst tactics are practiced by overzealous partisans.

Kirkland has seen its fair share of interesting candidates, campaigns and hyperbole during election seasons of the past.

Let us hope that this election cycle is a clean one.

A trip down Memory Lane 

Below are a few images previously posted in Kirkland Views showing some of the color of past election cycles.