LETTER | It's Time to Pass a Budget

To the Editor,

Democrats are stalling, refusing to do their jobs; they’re threatening a government shutdown, because they want a new form of taxes, despite the fact that the state received unexpected tax revenue that adequately funds all the basic priorities of state government. 

The Democrats’ budget doesn’t fully fund education as required by the Supreme Court; Andy Hill’s budget meets the Supreme Court requirement.

The Democrats’ budget doesn’t cut tuition costs; Senator Hill’s budget allows colleges to cut tuition by over 20%.

Both budgets reinforce the safety net for the most vulnerable.

The Democrats’ budget puts less than 30% of the tax revenue windfall to education; Senator Hill’s budget puts over 80% into education. The teachers should have looked at the facts before they attacked Senator Hill during their recent “strike”.

Senator Hill’s budget does more without raising taxes; the Democrats’ budget does less and has to raise taxes to do less.

Call Representatives Springer & Goodman and tell them to pass the budget so they can come home, we can’t afford to continue to pay for costly and needless extra legislative sessions.

Jeanie McCombs